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I hope you find peace here. You deserve it just like everyone else does. I'm hoping you'll think differently here, or maybe you'll just see the echoes of how you already thought. Come, please sit with me some time. We have so much more of it than you can

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Posted by callmedoc - February 29th, 2020

A good artist and friend of mine has been struggling with a complex and abusive living arrangement. Now they’re facing having to leave by the end of March.

They need help, and I know so many of you are compassionate, loving, and giving people. We’re only given chances by each other, so please check out their gofund me and help spread the word!


Posted by callmedoc - October 6th, 2019


Just a reminder that this Gent is doing some amazing work with a classic that you GOT to see.

I am absolutely floored that this is both not getting a lot of coverage, nor getting as openly supported.

Please help spread the word on this project, and help the fellow who is pouring a lot of time and great effort into this.



Posted by callmedoc - April 23rd, 2019

Good day to you my friends! I hope you all are doing alright today!

This is a bit rare-form of me so I'll keep it brief!

A fantastic artist I happen to quietly watch has been recently having some difficulties. Like so many of us, they are hard working and have sacrificed so much to find their identity and place in the world.

Now they are facing unfortunate and unusual circumstances which any one of ourselves have or are liable to find ourselves in some day.

In my opinion, FearCrowz is a criminally under-noticed artist with a colorful and creative flare in their work. They have also made it a criminal habit of underselling themselves and their work.

I've met a lot of compassionate and supportive people in this community, and you know who you are reading this right now. Something as simple as a single dollar changed my perspective of how people truly felt about my work, let alone about my well being.

A single dollar is all they are asking for on their Patreon page. A single dollar that opens you up to a whole world of creativity and supports someone who in my opinion truly could use the support right now.


If you're not a fan or patreon, consider a one time donation. https://www.paypal.me/fearcrowz/

or heck, buy them a coffee. We all need some caffeine these days. https://ko-fi.com/A1423F1

If you want to check out some of their work on other galleries, follow the links below. I for one feel one can appreciate and learn a lot from this creative individual.





Posted by callmedoc - February 8th, 2019

Hello my dears, I hope you are having a wonderful day.

It is with my deepest apologies that I have to admit I will be unable to work properly on art for some time going forward.

I was involved today in a parking lot accident in which I slipped on some ice and landed on my back. After a few x-rays and exams, I have been found with a left Scapula fracture in the upper portions of my shoulder blade. 

In short, this inhibits me from working with both hands on my mouse and keyboard as I have come to depend on. I am sure I can continue to sketch but will also have some medical follow-ups to root out any additional damage that was not surveyed during the initial diagnosis. 

Your support means the world to me, and more than anything, please take care of yourselves. Find the things that make you happy, and remember to look towards tomorrow.


Posted by callmedoc - January 14th, 2019

 Having received a microphone from a dear friend for my birthday, I finally have a taste of a dream I have carried on my back many years.

So please, come join me on my youtube channel for a first time reading of Dark Moon Mysteries by timothy Roderick.



Posted by callmedoc - August 31st, 2016

Hello my dears. I hope you are all doing well today. It's the midweek and currently I have a whole lot on my plate. I finished up with my move yesterday but I still have a lot of things to unpack. I have to get with the utility and service companies, and balance this between my full work schedule at this time. Needless to say, I will simply be swamped for the next few days.

For those of you that have contacted myself for a commission piece, I will be certainly to return swiftly to the work when I can catch a breather. For those of you still interested, the commissions will remain open for a while longer! :)
With all that in mind, I also wanted to talk about the upcoming book of my own, which a link can be found below! Shy Words for Creative creatures is a physical print edition of my first four support mini projects dealing with anxiety, art blocks, personal isolation, bars set in the opposite direction, and a dash of hope with a spoonful of love along the way.

When Magilla's came in contact with myself, they were deeply invested in seeing this work in print. On both our parts this has been an endeavor of love not only to provide the illustrations and words in an alternate format, but at an absolutely affordable price. A price by the way which is also additionally on discount right now for $5.65

At the end of the day, this has never been about the money to me. I'm not looking to make a profit on kindness and truthful words. It's not about the recognition or exposure to additional viewers or interest. More than anything I am hoping the work will find it's way into the hands of someone who is uncertain, who is unsure, who is struggling and needs a little more than what they've been given. someone that needs more love in their heart. If you're interested in buying a copy, that's mighty neighborly of you. If you're interested in spreading the word, then my goodness I'm grateful you took the time and care!


Posted by callmedoc - July 22nd, 2015

Well I'm quite certain at this point that I'm in too many places at once which obviously means I need to be in even more places than that. These past two days I've been working with extending myself to additional communities and connecting them all together while also...you know...making it harder for myself to be invisible!

However I know there are places I'm still not registering in my brain to tackle on. So here's the big question. Do any of you happen to know of some active communities in art and comics? One way or another I'll be stabbing at my prospects, so if you have any suggestions, go for it!

By the way. Enjoy this spam of all my locations, including this site


Posted by callmedoc - November 9th, 2014

A small project for those of you whom may have had any interest in some of the more obscure beings and works from within my gallery. Arbinel And The Dark Dreamers is a digital package of Arbinel and some others you may have taken note of in the frequency of my work. With pages of back lore and personal notes, you may see the much more grim side and reasoning of my artwork and some of it's symbolism.

This package contains 10 Pages of Notes and 7 high quality Print Files of unreleased illustrations.

This is a purchasable package and is for $6.00 USD. Every purchase will help towards funding Doc Diventia's Book for Kids Who Are Now Adults But Might Be Kids...Again.

If you are interested, please leave me a personal note of your email in the paypal notes or in private message! This will allow me to send you the Package upon receiving the payment.


Posted by callmedoc - October 27th, 2014

Hello and thank you kindly for taking of your time to read.

   In minor and saddening news, the donations period for Doc Diventia's Book for kids who are now adults but might be kids again has came to a close on IndieGoGo. With only 5% of the goal met, it unfortunately leaves a grand and empty hand for the book to see any light of day. For those whom may have donated on that platform for the lower Tiers, I can assure you with little competition, you'll be making an appearance on those pages based on the reward tiers~ I thank those who contributed to the efforts of the campaign and wish you good health.

Patreon however still remains open in account with a whole array of goodies and openings for those whom would wish to help contribute to the production costs of the book. With only 3 Patrons currently in support, I still have a long way to see any progress on obtaining a sufficient funding point to meet with the costly efforts of seeing the pages made. If you are curious, feel free to check it out, look over the offered goodies and perhaps see yourself in one of the raffles being hosted each milestone! Don't forget to spread the word around if you have the inclination. I really mean that. If there has ever been a time I ask for a hand, it is now to see this through.  


In other points of interest, I have slowly been filling away for physical prints and the likes with Society6 and Redbubble productions for high quality output of my work. For those of you whom may fancy a little bit of art on your walls, or hidden away where no other can find them, feel free to check out my store front pages.



Every bit of profit I would see remains on funding for the book so if you're so inclined, feed my horror.

In other points of interest, I may slightly be a bit detained as I finalize the paperwork and discussions concerning a bit of a nasty accident with my vehicle. While I remain in better health, it has certainly been quite the ride ( Pun slightly intended. Not really. ) dealing with quite unreasonable individuals. ( Yes, Yes we know they admitted fault to the accident and totaled your vehicle, we are just figuring the percentage of that admitted fault. " " ....the hell does that mean...? " ) Needless to say I may be a bit tied by the hands while I figure better points of transportation and financing however this should interfere poorly with my uploading period.

This concludes the current spectrum of events and goings on. I once more thank those of you whom take the time and would ask a final time to perhaps spread word if you may on the book project. Would be a treat to see a physical copy of this book project see it's way into unfortunate hands.  

Posted by callmedoc - February 25th, 2014

Recently I had posted that I am to be one of the select attending in hosting some of my work in person at The Spectrum Event In Las Vegas. Well here comes the fun part of being an artist. I'm a man with a rather limited range of funding. What this means especially for me is that I must be the utmost selective of what I do decide to print for a selling feature at the show.


I am filled with a deep bias for my work. Being straight to the point I am never truly satisfied with what I do and in a greater sense do not see what might be considered especially a stand out. With that in mind if there are any works in my gallery some of you would believe I should especially put out for sale I would love to hear it in the comment section below. I have until the third Of April to figure a small selection with limited print. Help me out and I'll love you forever! I also wish to state that if any of you wish to help me out another way I'm doing my best to get the word spread around about this event. The best way is by providing this link which gives a small taste of what my art is, what the RawArtists Community is and ticketing information.


For every ticket purchased it not only helps support the hosting community of this event but also assists in my personal expense needed to be there at all and have this chance. If you have the time please spread the link around, maybe even a link to this journal. This is my first shot at being something more and I hope I start things with a blast. :)