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The Print Sale. Help Vote For The Right Ones! :)

2012-12-25 19:07:33 by callmedoc

Hello and thank you all for your time. Now what this indeed about is the matters I've finally begun upon a service as selling some of my work from my gallery. With so many idea's however I tend to rather get lost on what was a favorite, and what was not. This is where you all can help me so very much! Hell a lot of you are like family that I silently stalk and so I'd trust in your opinions vastly.

Now I'm not telling any of you to go through every single one of my works, nor am I demanding your help in any of this. However I am asking if any of you would especially wish to see a particular picture be brought to a high quality framed print then by all means do leave a comment on which particular work and why! :)

The vendor to which my current works can be purchased are provided in this link

The current pricing ( Which will never be increased! ) is 18.72. That is in fact for a high quality and detailed print ( 10" x 8" )

The actual price was kept as low as possible without loss, as I chose to reserve 6.00 per actual print sold.

This does not end there with prints however! There are a number of various other size values, canvas and framing choices, and even the possibility of various other outlet options. T-shirts, Ipod/Itouch/Ipad/Laptop skins, Tote Bags, Hoodies and even Pillows.

This all however greatly depends on how well I can provide the best qualities of my art from my gallery, which also can be greatly helped by you! I really will be thankful to those of you who wish to take time out of your schedules to help myself, and if you cannot, please do link a friend to this journal so I can possibly finally get my feet off the ground and following my dreams! :)


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2012-12-29 11:06:38 othing-to-take-back - I'm attracted to strong silhouettes in artwork, and I like clocks (at least, that's what I think those purple things on his chest are) because it makes me think of time running out he-eyes-see - I already reviewed it in the comments >.< he-rain - I have a personal connection with this piece... the characters in it could very easily be cartoon version of a friend and I. It really gets me thinking on my life and whatnot. ush - I think this would be a great sister image to Nothing to Take Back because they use similar characters so I'd get it just to complete the narrative of the pieces, I suppose. He used to control this power symbolized by that floating creature and then he used it improperly so now he stands, broken, with time running out.


2012-12-29 11:19:18

Oh wait, I was only browsing your "Latest Products" and I didn't click on your "Art Prints" to see all your uploaded work. The Eyes See is already for sale. Sweet.


2013-02-26 20:17:13

Oh the day has finally come :D
you are one of my absolute favorite artists, im going to have a hard time choosing which to buy because i love pretty much all of your pieces.
Once i have money once again, i know where its going! :D


2013-12-17 19:16:51

at the site you linked, this one was my favorite: